Wolfgang Blanke
Reine Malerei - pure painting

Im Umgang mit Rohstoffen (Pigmente und verschiedene Bindemittel wie Kasein, Leime, Gummen, Harze, Öle, Wachse, Kunststoffe) und nicht mit industriell hergestellten Farben erlebt der sensible Maler die Sinnlichkeit des Materials und eröffnet sich damit nicht nur neue Wege, sondern er findet auch die seiner Persönlichkeit entsprechenden Verfahren.

Is there anything more striking and important in painting than to deal with painting itself? The difficult moment of pure painting is a shock of recognition and it is heaven after all. You feel this fascinating material while you are in a dialog of a painting progress, you listen to it and it guides you. Of course I work with raw material and produce my own paint. This allows me to use a huge variety and they all act different. With transparent layers I can show both the progress of painting and the thrilling edge between figure and background. Your perception will find your own specific way of identification.